Getting Paid

At we look to partner up with different companies that fit each of our customer needs. This is why we are providing you with 3 options to signup for merchant accounts for your companies.


1. Capital Merchant Solutions

CREDIT REPAIR PAYMENTS WITHOUT THE HEADACHES! Don’t get stuck with the wrong merchant account. An unexpected shutdown means lost time, customer service runarounds, and frozen funds. See this website

That’s quite a headache! Capital Merchant Solutions understands and values our credit repair clients, and we want to work with you.

The credit repair industry is often unfairly targeted by processing banks due to misconceptions and stigmas. Our experience has taught us that most business owners like you are honest, trustworthy, and provide a valuable service to their clients, check out Let us help you get set up with the best merchant account for your credit repair business so you can continue to do what you do best: helping your customers get back on the solid financial ground.

 2. MagicPay

A reliable credit card processing service will help your business increase sales by enabling you to accept more form of payment, anywhere, anytime. In order to comply with today’s technology and customer demand, MagicPay provides the technology for credit card processing available. It also provides mobile credit card processing for any form of business in the United States and Canada.